The Simple Floor Matting Hack We Use to Reduce Cleaning Costs for Our Clients

Footprints are literally trampling your bottomline. Here’s why (if you don’t have enough floor matting)…
Have you ever been picking something up at Target and stopped to ponder why their floors look so darn good?
Minus a few cartwheel scuffs those things are usually SPOTLESS. Even in the middle of a Wisconsin winter!

So, how do they do it?

  • Super secret scrubber technology? Nope.
  • Cleaning every hour? Absolutely not. When’s the last time you saw someone mopping a floor while you’re shopping?

The biggest reason their floors look amazing is actually way more simple:
How much floor matting do you need at your business?
Seriously, that’s it!

The next time you walk into a Target store…

Notice how there is first a bit of metal slat matting right away and then another huge stretch of wide, carpet matting between the automatic doors and the tile.
All told, there might be a good 30-50+ feet of matting picking up literally MILLIONS of footprints worth of dirt, salt, and other contaminants every month before they ever even get a chance to touch that gorgeous tile.

Now, think about a lot of other buildings you walk into (or maybe even your own)…

Sure, they’ll usually have some matting already, but waaay too often that means just one teeny tiny mat by the main entrance followed by a trail of dirt and salt.
This entrance does not have a enough flooring and will lead to VERY dirty floors.
And compared to a place like Target, that 3’ x 5’ mat is only picking up a few hundred footprints worth of soil (out of thousands) per day.
“But…I don’t have that much space in my lobby!”
That’s ok! You don’t need to be as extreme with your floor matting as Target to get awesome results in your own facilities.

What is the right amount of floor matting for your business entrance?

You see, in most of our client’s buildings, adding just 10-15 feet of matting or walk off mats at their entrance typically reduces 80% of the total volume of contaminants (think dirt, salt, mud) entering their facilities.

And reducing all that dirt means:

  • Your floors are going to look nicer every day.
  • Your cleaning labor costs are going to go down (or be spent more effectively) each month.
  • The lifespan of your flooring will go up by years.

All with just a few extra feet of floor mats!
p.s. If you don’t think you have that many footprints in your building, here’s some math that might change your mind…
With just 200 employees + visitors and a lobby that takes 18 steps to traverse you’re looking at:

  • 400 footprints entering the building daily.
  • 3,600 footprints to get through your lobby on the way to their desks.
  • 7,200 footprints coming and going from lunch.
  • 3,600 footprints leaving for the day.

Which all adds up to:

  • 14,800 footprints per day worth of dirt, salt, and other contaminants getting smashed into your lobby floors…just from your employees coming and going to their desks.
  • In one week that’s nearly 75,000 instances of wear and tear on your carpets or flooring.
  • And every month that’s 1.5 million (!) messes you’re paying a cleaning company to remove.
p.p.s. If you’re responsible for an 80,000 sq. ft.+ facility or need cleaning multiple days per week here in Wisconsin, the first step to cleaning up your floor matting game (and provide a few other cost saving tips) is to fill-out our 60 second cleaning needs assessment here…

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