7 Reasons we’re the 2017 InBusiness Executive Choice Award Winner for Building Maintenance

It’s true that without all of our cleaners, staff, and management, we couldn’t keep this company running. But it’s also true that without the trust of our clients, we wouldn’t have anything to clean!
And that’s why we’re super excited, honored, and humbled to announce that for the seventh year in a row we’ve been named the InBusiness Executive Choice Award Winner in the Cleaning/Building Maintenance Company category.
So, in honor of that, we’re sharing seven our favorite customer comments from 2017!
KleenMark is proud to once again be named an IB Executive Choice Award Winner!

#1 from a client with multiple large locations and a big corporate headquarters…

“David found and returned four $100 bills in Reedsburg while cleaning. Paul who had lost the money, came up to me, to thank us, for having an individual with honesty like David, who would go and find him!”

#2 from a local healthcare company…

“We love Luis! He is a kind, caring, friendly and always helpful member of the team. Just wanted to share how much we appreciated his assistance today…and truly every day.”

#3 from a premiere local property manager…

“Enrique is the best manager we have ever had.”

#4 from a local realtor and property management company…

“I don’t remember all of our buildings looking so good EVER. We have seen a great deal of improvement the last few months and really appreciate it.”

#5 from a cheesemaker…

“Christy reports that the plant manager is very excited to have KleenMark at the plant. At one of the morning meetings he said there has been significant improvements in the cleaning.”

#6 from our CIMS Auditor…

“Your staff is doing a great job, please pass this along to them!”

#7 from a local manufacturer…

“KleenMark is on the right path and everything is looking really good here. You have a great group of people working for you!”
Thanks again to everyone who helped us achieve this amazing honor!
If you’re a local company that needs cleaning 5 days / week, click here to learn more about how we can help you keep your buildings clean.

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