Has this ever happened to you..?

The Scene: An empty conference room. 10:15 AM.
In just a few short minutes, Alex’s team was going to try and close the biggest paper clip deal in the company’s history.
15 Billion paper clips. Everyone’s stomachs were a little nervous.

After all, even Matt, the best paper clip salesmen in the history of paper clip salesmen, had just disappeared into the lobby bathroom a few minutes ago.
“Hey, no pressure right?”, Alex thought while going over the slides one more time.
But then, at exactly 10:22AM, it hit like a wave.

Turns out Matt wasn’t the only one who needed a pre-game trip to the bathroom.

Thankfully, the building’s only restroom was close and every stall was empty. Which was handy, because it might have been awkward had anyone heard Alex blurt out,
“There’s nothing in here but paper clips and a stick of gum! Are you kidding me?”
So, what do you think? Was it time for Alex to improvise?

(Keep scrolling to find out)

No MacGyver Impressions Needed from Alexandra

Fortunately, she noticed something on the wall while closing her tampon-less purse.
The restroom was equipped with a free tampon and pad dispenser from KleenMark and Hospeco!
Which was a real lifesaver because unlike Matt and his nervous stomach, Alexandra didn’t have to go to the bathroom.

Instead, she had gotten her period unexpectedly.

But, thanks to a forward thinking facility manager who made sure all his occupants had free access to basic bathroom supplies, the panic of a tricky personal situation was quickly replaced with gratitude and piece of mind.
And with that, by 10:30 both Alexandra and Matt both were back in the conference room and ready to give the best presentation of their lives.

The Takeaway: Would you be ready to care for all of Alexandra’s basic human needs?

Be honest. Did you assume that Alex(andra) was a guy who needed to go to the bathroom? Or that it was ridiculous that there wasn’t any toilet paper?
If you did it’s likely because toilet paper is accepted as something every public restroom should supply.
Maybe you were even reminded of a time that a clean, well-stocked public bathroom saved your bacon.

But did you know?

  1. 86% of women report that they’ve started their periods unexpectedly in public without the supplies they needed.
  2. 79% of women who unexpectedly started their periods in public without supplies, improvised with toilet paper, paper towels, or another makeshift fix.
  3. 48% obtained their supplies from a tampon/pad dispenser in a public restroom.
  4. There is a law that has passed that guarantees FREE feminine hygiene product for schools*? (http://finance.yahoo.com/news/hospeco-key-player-nyc-law-203000243.html)

In our scenario above, the building had already recognized that just like toilet paper, Feminine Hygiene Supplies are a necessity, not a luxury.
They wanted all of their guests to be taken care of.
So, just like Matt and his nervous stomach needed toilet paper, the building Alexandra was visiting was prepared to take care of her basic human needs.
But what if you were Matt and there was no toilet paper? How would you feel? And what would you have even done?

What two products should be in your women’s restrooms if you want to be ahead of the curve?

Along with our partners, KleenMark can help you assess and implement a variety of free and low cost products, but there are two main products we think should be in every women’s restroom.

#1) Tampon / Pad Dispensers that meet every standard:

  • Modern, streamlined design in white metal or stainless steel
  • ADA compliant push button dispenser
  • Dispenses both sanitary napkins and tampons
  • Front loading on the door for easier and faster restocking
  • Empty indicator lights (uses one 9 volt battery)
  • Available with free vend or 25¢ coin mechanism

#2) Receptacles, patented disposal bags and receptacle liners for the discreet, safe and sanitary disposal of feminine care products:

  • Scented bags mask odors, and their easy-tie closure completely conceals contents.
  • The scented plastic receptacle liners ensure hygienic handling for maintenance staff.
  • Protect against expensive plumbing repairs by reminding customers not to flush.

KleenMark can give you a plan for outfitting your restrooms with feminine hygiene products

Changes in regulations are happening. That’s why we’re partnering with Hospeco to provide a few early adopters with free product and cost-effective plans to provide feminine hygiene supplies.
But, we’re only doing this for people who schedule in-person demos with us before December 31st (demos can take place after the new year).

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