i-mop XL Scrubber: A new way to clean floors from Tennant + KleenMark

The i-Mop XL Scrubber from Tenannt and KleenMark in Wisconsin!

The power of an auto-scrubber with the size and mobility of a flat floor mop. Meet the i-mop XL.

Did you know in 2019 the mop and bucket are still responsible for cleaning nearly 70% of all surfaces?
With all the great cleaning machine technologies in use today that seems hard to believe. But, how many mops do you still own..?
So, how the heck is such an old-fashioned tool still such a dominate professional cleaning method?

Looking for i-Mop Pricing?

We’re not allowed to publish our low, preferred distributor pricing on the internet so call Doug Lerch at 608-443-0168 (M-F, 8AM – 5PM) or email him at dlerch@kleenmark.com to get a quote.

Cleaning is like navigating an obstacle course

Unless you have thousands of square feet of empty warehouse space, cleaning means navigating around (or moving) a ton of obstacles that your efficient (but huge) scrubber simply can’t reach.

Think about all of the stuff you have to move (or work around) BEFORE you clean. Chairs, tables, desks, storage shelving, equipment. The list goes on and on!
And that’s why the lowly mop is still so widely used. It may be inefficient, but it can effectively maneuver just about anywhere.

But what if you had a machine that was…

  • The size of mop?
  • Every bit as efficient as your best auto-scrubber?
  • More hygienic than a mop?
  • Could clean under tables, chairs, and counters?
  • Easily carried up stairs and could be stored in a broom closet?
  • As easy to use as a broom?

That dream machine would make cleaning a whole lot easier, wouldn’t it?
Scrubber + Bucket = ?

Meet the i-Mop XL Scrubber-Dryer from Tennant and KleenMark

Yes! You can stop dreaming because the new i-Mop XL Scrubber from Tennant is here! With over 10,000 sq. ft. / hour of cordless cleaning power in a machine that weighs under 50 pounds and about the size of a mop and bucket, this thing might be the best floor machine you’ve ever seen!
*Call Doug Lerch at 608-443-0168 to demo the i-Mop at our offices in Madison. Or we can bring the demo to your facility (limited to SE Wisconsin)!

i-Mop Water Tanks

Key features of the i-Mop:

  • Combines the versatility of the flat mop with the professional power of a scrubber/dryer for faster, more effective cleaning compared to a mop or traditional auto scrubber.
  • 360 steering via “Hovercraft-like” gliding experience you have to try to believe.
  • Includes two Li-ion batteries that recharge in 1 hour so you can get your cleaning done without constant recharging.
  • Remove more surface soil on almost any hard floor with dual, counter-rotating brushes that deliver 50lbs of pressure at 350RPM!
  • Quick drying technology helps reduce slip and fall hazards and foot traffic disruption vs. a traditional mop and bucket.
  • Conserve water and chemicals with special Fluid Control technologies that maximizes every ounce of water and cleaning solution.

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Product Specs

1-hour Operation Time Lithium-ion (2) 25.5 V, 8.8 Ah
Charging Time (1 hour runtime) 80% charged/up to 60 min
Charging Time (5 hour runtime) 100% fully charged/up to 70 min
Machine Specifications
Operational Width 18.1″
Theoretical Performance 19,375 sq. ft. / hour
Practical Performance 10,000 – 14,000 sq. ft. / hour
Power Rating 700 W
Clean Water Tank 1 Gallon
Recovery Water Tank 2 Gallons
Brush Pressure 49.6 lbs
Weight (w/o Batteries) 40.8 lbs
Weight (w/ Batteries) 49.6 lbs
Weight (w/ Batteries + Water) 57.1 lbs
H x W x D (i-Mop) 47.3” x 19.7” x 15”
H x W x D (Box as Shipped) 49.6” x 22.4” x 14.6”

i-Mop FAQ

How much does the i-Mop Cost?

We can’t list the price on this website, but in general the i-Mop is extremely cost effect when compared to other floor scrubbers. Plus, KleenMark is proud to offer the i-Mop at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere in Wisconsin. Give us a call to learn more.

What are some common uses for the i-Mop?

The i-Mop can be used just about anywhere you currently use a mop and bucket like underneath bathroom sinks, toilet stalls, in serving areas, below tables and chairs, or any other small, obstructed or critical spaces you have.

Who is already using the i-Mop?

Industries that have already put the i-Mop to great use include Education, Healthcare, Retail, Restaurants, Building Service Contractors (like KleenMark!), Public Venues, and Commercial Property.

How do you refill the tanks?

Due to the i-Mop’s efficient use of water / cleaning solution, the i-Mop’s tanks are small enough to be filled and emptied at nearly any sink. So unlike with a mop and bucket or full-sized scrubber there’s no more running back and forth to the janitor’s closet to keep cleaning.

How is the i-Mop powered? Do I have to deal with cords or tiny batteries?

The i-Mop is cordless and is powered by a set of powerful Li-ion batteries that can be charged in as little as one hour. You can add an optional second set of batteries to enable near-continuous runtime!

How long does it take the charge the batteries and how long do they last?

A “quick charge” of only 60 minutes will give you a runtime of around an hour, and a full charge of 5 hours will give you a runtime of 70 minutes. However, the dual battery feature of the i-Mop means that one can be charging while the other is in use thereby ensuring you don’t run out of battery power!
i-Mop Battery and Charger

Are there multiple pads, brushes, and collars available to match my surface type / cleaning need?

Yes! Just like your favorite auto scrubber, the i-Mop has a full range of pads, brushes, and collars that are designed to tackle a variety of floor types, soil, and cleaning condition. Brushes also come in HACCP colors.
i-Mop Pads, Brushes, and Collars

Where can I store the i-Mop?

At just 47.3” H x 19.7” W x 15” D you can store the i-Mop in most Janitor’s or broom closets and it even fits in the average personal vehicle!

How much training does it take to run the i-Mop?

Very little! The intuitive steering system and operational controls have been specifically designed to be learned in less than 10 minutes. We recommend demoing the machine to see for yourself how easy it is to use.

Can I demo the i-Mop?

Yes! Just call Doug Lerch at 608-443-0168 to set-up a free demo. You can come to the KleenMark offices at 1206 Ann Street, Madison, WI 53713 or we’ll come to you (limited to SE Wisconsin)!

When is the i-Mop going to be available?

We can start shipping the i-Mop to customers in April 2017!

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