3 Outdoor Cleaning Services to Schedule This Spring

We can help your facility sparkle both inside and out!


Our recommended outdoor cleaning services for spring include window washing and grounds policing.The snow is melting, the temperatures are starting to warm up, and the days are getting longer — here in the Midwest, those are all signs that spring is, thankfully, just around the corner.

That means it’s the perfect time to do a bit of spring cleaning, especially on the exterior of your facility!

Taking care of your business’ appearance — inside and out — signals to employees and visitors that you have pride in what you do. Think about it — the outside of your building gives employees, customers, and guests alike their first impression of your organization and brand.

Warmer, sunnier days make for the perfect environment to get a bit of cleaning done outside and ensure your building gives off a sparkling, impressive look all season long.

Here are the outdoor cleaning services that our KleenMark team recommends scheduling to give your building exterior a refresh this spring:

  1. Power washing
  2. Window washing
  3. Grounds policing


Keep reading to learn more about these outdoor cleaning services from KleenMark!


Power washing

Before employees and visitors even step through your office’s front door, they’ll walk through your parking lot, parking garage, or sidewalks. After months of snow, slush and mud, your sidewalks will certainly need a good cleaning. You’ll be astonished how much grime comes off during a good power washing! We can also power wash the exterior of your building, so it sparkles like new.


Window washing

Even if spring is in the air, it’s not exactly inspiring to look out of a window covered in a thin film of winter grime and gunk. Make sure you put your best face forward with exterior and interior window washing! Our team uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and technology to help protect your windows’ appearance, as well as the planet!


Grounds policing

Unsightly overflowing trash cans and litter around your property can send the wrong message to visitors and employees alike. KleenMark offers grounds policing services where our team handles any exterior trash pickup on either a weekly or as-needed basis, giving you peace of mind that your entire property gives off a professional, appealing look.


With these three outdoor cleaning services, the KleenMark team can keep your facility looking great this spring! If you’re a current KleenMark customer, talk with your representative today about adding these services at your organization.

If you’re interested in working with KleenMark for our outdoor cleaning services and other comprehensive cleaning offeringscontact our team today or request a quote online!

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