Warehouse cleaning doesn’t have to require lifts or disrupt your operations…if you think like a cyclist.

You’re fanatical about maintaining an organized warehouse. Every piece of inventory is cataloged, trackable, and in the right place. The floors are spotless and you can’t wait to show it off to a potential client.
But just as you’re feeling great about yourself, your boss tells you to look up and there it is…
On the walls, the ceiling…everywhere. What do you do?

A Common Warehouse Cleaning Problem

Last winter, KleenMark was approached by a local industrial facility that was looking to solve that exact warehouse cleaning problem in their 150,000 sq. ft. production space. They’d done a great job keeping the space clean overall, but it was difficult for them to reach anything between 10’-33′ in the air.
Like we’ve seen in a lot of warehouse and manufacturing facilities, the difficulty wasn’t that the work had to be done during operating hours, but that it had to be done without the use of mechanical lifts due safety and production concerns.
So even after hearing that several other companies had tried without success, myself and the rest of the KleenMark Specialty Services team weren’t going to give up easily.

The KleenMark Solution Inspired by…Bicycle Frames (yes, really).

Initially we discussed many different methods such as ladders, backpack vacuums, and extension dusters, but nothing seemed like a good fit to clean without disruption.
However, after consulting with our Facility Supply Manager, Doug Lerch, we found a possible solution…
…carbon fiber. The same material used in lightweight bike frames.

Carbon fiber poles have most recently been used for washing windows, but by repurposing the 40′ poles with microfiber clothes the KleenMark Specialty Services team and I knew we had found lightweight solution that actually worked.
Most importantly, this solution would eliminate all of the safety concerns, rental fees and disruption to production that would have been associated with the use of lifts.

The Results

In less than 5 days…the KleenMark Specialty Services team was able to effectively, efficiently, and safely clean the 25 years of dust that had accumulated in the many hard to reach areas of the facility.
Since the first job, KleenMark has now successfully helped several other industrial facilities across Wisconsin achieve a new level of clean.

Do you have a warehouse that needs cleaning in Wisconsin?

If you have a warehouse or industrial space in Wisconsin that could use a little (or a lot of) cleaning, our Specialty Services would love to schedule a free consultation at your facility.
For no charge, we’ll come to your building, help you determine the best ways to get your facility clean and provide you with a quote to get the job done.

Request Your FREE Specialty Services Consultation Today!

Simply click on the button below to go to our “Request a Quote” page, fill out your contact info, scroll down and provide us with a couple details about your facility, then click on submit and our team will call or email within 24 hours to schedule a visit to your site!

Want to Do-It-Yourself (Special Offer)?

We’ve got special packages we’ve put together just for those of you visiting this page! The SuperKleen Warehouse Cleaning Bundle includes all the equipment you need to dust and clean the inside and outside of your warehouse safely and with little disruption to your operations.
SuperKleen Warehouse Cleaning Bundle (Price too low to advertise):

  • Unger HiFlo nLite Carbon Fiber Pole System
  • ProTeam Super Coach 6 Backpack Vacuum (the most powerful backpack vac in the industry!)
  • ProTeam ProBlade Hard Surface Tool
  • ProTeam Deluxe High Dusting Kit Vac Kit
  • Pipe Cleaning Tool (2 sizes)
  • Horsehair Floor Tool

This bundle is only available by calling our Facility Supply Manager, Doug Lerch, at 608-443-0168 or sending him an email at dlerch@kleenmark.com and mentioning this page!


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