What is Cobotics and How Can it Help You?

Learn all about the latest in cleaning technology in this blog post.

Cobotics allow janitorial staff time to focus on more detailed cleaning projects while robots do the larger areas of cleaning.What is cobotics, and how can it help your organization? Cobotics is an exciting and revolutionary field of cleaning technology that allows robotics to collaborate and work alongside people. They can be implemeumannted in a variety of situations and can help streamline operations, save time, and help janitorial staff get things done faster.


Let’s take a look at some details of cobotics to see how it might fit in your organization.


What is cobotics?

In simple terms, cobotics, or collaborative robotics, is the collaboration of robots with people. In cleaning terms, this means the robots can perform basic and repetitive cleaning tasks. A large benefit of using these robotics is that it frees up your cleaning or janitorial team to perform more specialized or intricate cleaning work that robotics can’t. It also can reduce cleaning costs related to hiring multiple people to do repetitive work, and the robotic equipment can often complete these simple tasks faster and more thoroughly than people.


What are some examples of cobotics, and when are they beneficial?

In instances where a large amount of cleaning, repetitive tasks, or simple cleaning chores must be completed, cobotics may fit your needs. A variety of robotics are in production today (like self-driving floor scrubbers and carpet cleaners), and the field is actively growing. If you have a large area that needs to be kept consistently clean, using a machine instead of a person may be a valuable investment for your organization. If you have a heavy demand on your existing cleaning team, using a robotic assistant may help free up some of their time to focus on other, more detailed cleaning situations.


What are some of the other benefits of cobotics?

Robots might just be your best employees! A robotic cleaning machine doesn’t take time off, it can track its exact cleaning pattern and report specific metrics back, it can work on any schedule, doesn’t require breaks or regularly scheduled shift, and can learn a job the first time. It also doesn’t require PTO, benefits, and takes away the hassle of hiring for a position. Of course, robots are not designed or able to replace all janitorial staff. They need deployment, maintenance, and care. The goal is for cobotics to support current staff and take repetitive tasks off their hands.


How can I integrate cobotics in my organization?

Good question! Our team has trained and certified professionals ready to help you select, deploy, maintain, train, and integrate your new cobotics machine in your organization. Reach out today to start the conversation!


Where can I learn more about cobotics?

Cobotics is an exciting new field, and our team is ready to help you navigate it! If you have questions about cobotics, if they’re the right solution for your organization, or for questions on how to set up a robotic cleaning machine in your business, get in touch with our team today for more information.

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