8 Reasons Why Facility Managers Choose KleenMark for Commercial Cleaning Services in Madison WI

An Important Decision

Some people think choosing a commercial cleaning provider isn’t that big of deal, but how many companies can help make your office a place your employees actually enjoy working in…or somewhere they dream about leaving early?

For Commercial Cleaning Services in Madison WI people think KleenMark

…or a partner that can be the difference between making a great impression on your clients and one that sends them RUNNING the minute they walk in the door?
…or most importantly, someone that can make your boss think you’re an ALL-STAR…or a…well…you fill in the blank.
That’s why it doesn’t matter if your business card says facility manager, building manager or office manager. If you’re responsible for choosing a commercial cleaning services provider you have an important decision to make.

So no pressure or anything…ok maybe just a little pressure.

Ok, so how do I make a good choice?

There are a lot important questions you should ask a potential partner, but today we’re going to share the answer to just one question…
…why do the people responsible for some of the best offices, hospitals and schools in Madison partner with Kleenmark for their commercial cleaning services?

8 Reasons Facility Managers Choose KleenMark

  1. We clean to higher standards. We are proud to have received kudos from the people that use our services, Wisconsin business leaders, who’ve voted us an In Business Executive Choice Award winner for the past 3 years for commercial cleaning services in Madison WI.
  2. We double check. Our customized Quality Assurance process is designed to check our work—consistently.
  3. Sense of Security. Safety or the security concerns are minimized.  KleenMark performs a thorough screening process, background checks, ongoing safety training and has a random drug policy implemented for our employees who walk through your doors.
  4. We keep our employees longer. Our retention rate is 3 times greater than the industry average.  This means consistency and a sense of security.
  5. We keep you in the loop. With our unique communication system, KleenMark Connect, we’ll tell you what we are going to do and what we’ve done.  We also respond to YOUR requests within 4 hours or the request automatically escalates to a KleenMark Branch Manager.
  6. We offer integrated solutions. We educate you through great seminars at KleenMark University and have the latest product and equipment information through KleenMark Facility Supplies and our vendors. We use it all to provide you the best cleaning service and the most up to date knowledge.
  7. We do more than just clean. We can make your floors shine, clean out the fridge, change light bulbs, clean your floor mats, power wash your entryway and keep you up-to-date on needed maintenance and much more.
  8. We want a healthy environment. We want to help you save money by creating a healthier environment for you.  We help our clients breathe cleaner air and have Cleaning Industry Management Standard – Green Building (CIMS-GB) Certification.


Want to learn more about choosing KleenMark for your commercial cleaning services?

If you agree with the best in Madison that those are great reasons to choose a commercial cleaning services provider, then we’d love to discuss how KleenMark can be a great partner for you.

To start your conversation with KleenMark, all you have to do is call us at 800-422-5159 or…

  1. Click here to Request a Quote.
  2. Fill out the short form to help us understand how we can help.
  3. You’ll receive a call from our solutions team within 24 hours (M-F).

Good luck!

P.S. Are you a little skeptical about any of the reasons listed above? We understand! That’s why we’d love to have a more detailed conversation with you about our approach and to be able to share some more specific examples. If that sounds ok, give us a call at 800-422-5159 or click here to fill out a short contact form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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