Facility Spring Cleaning: Your Checklist

Whether the groundhog sees his shadow tomorrow or not, spring will be here before we
know it. Get your facility ready with this spring cleaning checklist.

Yes, Midwestern winters do end (despite how we all may feel sometimes). And, with that comes the need to do some facility spring cleaning.

To make it simple, we’ve put together a list you and your team as you prepare your buildings for warmer months ahead. Of course, this is on top of your regular cleaning and disinfecting program. With that said, we won’t get into all the daily needs we talk about so often. 

The Facility Manager’s Spring Cleaning Checklist

Fresh Floors for the Win
Restroom Revival
Save your Soft Surfaces
  • Upholstery + partition disinfection 
    Chair extraction and disinfection 
  • Curtain and drape disinfection 
Next-level Cleaning + Disinfection
  • Multi-surface disinfection with electrostatic sprayers
  • Electronic (computers, etc.) cleaning and disinfection 
  • Ceiling and exposed duct cleaning 
  • Interior + exterior window cleaning 
  • Exterior pressure washing (sidewalks, building surfaces, etc.) 

Take these steps and your employees and visitors are going to see – and feel – the difference when they’re in your facilities. With attention to cleanliness at an all-time high, you can improve perception and reassure folks you’re taking every step possible to keep them safe. 

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