Question: Handling our facility’s window cleaning is a big, time-consuming job. What’s the best time of year to do it to make sure we get the most bang for our buck?

We always say if you only do it once a year, focus on spring. Twice a year? Add fall. The reason is simple: After a long winter, lower-level windows accumulate salt and grime buildup, which affects your building’s appearance but also restricts sunlight. Additionally, windows on the upper floors deal with snowfall and melting snow from the roof, which can leave watermarks.

If your budget allows, we recommend also doing a fall cleaning. After a summer of pollen and dust, it’s a perfect time to remove that warm-weather haze that leaves windows looking cloudy. Lastly, you’ll see cost savings if you do the interior and exterior glass at the same time, because crews only have to come out once and can therefore offer better pricing for a package.

In a time when cleanliness is a priority, dirty windows can give employees and visitors the sense that your building is dirty. That makes it that much more important to stay on top of keeping them crystal clear.

Send us a note if you want to get a better understanding of what’s the right window-cleaning program for your facility.

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