Office Spring Cleaning: Top Products for Floor Care and Disinfection

Our teams clean 25 million square feet a day, meaning they know a thing or two about what works – and more importantly, what doesn’t. So, with office spring cleaning around the corner, we want to share some of our favorite products.

Ideally, we can save you a headache or two, giving you the guidance needed to find the right tools for the job. Because, let’s be honest, none of us has time to deal with broken, ineffective gear.

Below are a few of our favorites when it comes to floor care and disinfecting. We’ll be back as spring nears with a few more essential items our teams rely on.

Floor Care Tag Team: Vacs & Scrubbers 

ProGen 15 from ProTeam

One of our go-to vacuums is the upright ProGen 15 from ProTeam. It offers increased mobility, easy maintenance and 50-foot cord. It’s HEPA filter captures 98.36% of germs and debris at 0.3 – .5 microns.  

Tennant i-Mop Plus XL Scrubber

Need to give your hard floors a good scrubbing after salt and grime took its toll? We’re big fans of Tennant’s i-Mop Plus XL Scrubber. It’s maneuverability let’s clean tight spaces and under tables. That means you can move like you’re using a mop but with the cleaning power of a scrubber. 

Victory Electrostatic Sprayers – For Deep Disinfection 

When you need to make sure all the germs are dead, your best bet is an electrostatic sprayer paired with EPA-approved disinfectants.  

Victory Electrostatic Sprayers

Victory Sprayers continue to reign supreme, with handheld and backpack options available. Each offers a 3-in-1 nozzle, long battery life and are easy to maintain. We also have a full line of disinfectants approved to kill COVID-19. 

It’s a must to dust. Do it like a pro. 

SSS Bulldog Disposable Dusting Sheets

Pair Bulldog Disposable Dusting Sheets with any standard dust mop and you have a solution that reduces cross-contamination, while collecting more dust, dirt, sand and grime. These sheets are double-sided for extended use and work with any existing dusting tools. 

Top-tier Cleaning Chemicals for Every Job

SSS Cleaning Chemicals

Whether it’s Blue Thunder All-Purpose Cleaner or P.S.T Cleaner for showers, tile and similar surfaces, these are go-to chemicals our teams use in the field daily.  Find a full line of cleaners we trust, at


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