Commercial Floor Care: 3 Ways to Keep Them Looking Great

How to dial in your commercial floor care program is something we’re asked about – a lot. And for good reason: keeping floors clean is a never-ending battle.

From what mats to use to how often you should strip and wax hard floors, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite posts to help you improve your floor care program in no time.

Office floor mats – Vacuum. Extract. Repeat.

Well, it’s almost that straightforward. Start with high-quality mats, something often overlooked. Why? Rental matting is thin and doesn’t absorb much water. Quality matting is heavy and made of longer, easy-to-clean fibers.

OK, with that noted, yes, it comes down to frequent vacuuming and hot-water extraction. Vacuum daily – multiple times during the winter. This keeps mats working properly, because you’re constantly “emptying” them. That means more debris is captured and kept off your floors.

Additionally, build extraction into your commercial floor care program. When done correctly, extraction will pull dirt and grime from deep within your mats, while cleaning the fibers.

Check out Matting maintenance: How to protect your office floor mats for more details.

Clean Floors are Safer Floors

To reduce the risk of slips and falls we recommend you do these three things to improve your floor care.

  • Have your day cleaners police the floors. They should spot mop, address entryways and tackle any surprise spills that could be hazardous.
  • Maintain matting. Use heavy mats that don’t slide or curl on the corners. We like mats made from Berber, which is easier to clean and more effective at capturing water than its counterparts.
  • Don’t forget to deep clean. Regularly run an auto scrubber at night, and use a heavy-duty degreaser. This will keep the floors free of oils and dust that take away from the cleanliness of your facility.

For more information, take a spin through Slips and Falls: How Proper Floor Care can Reduce the Risk

4 Steps to Hard-floor Happiness

When it comes to keeping your hard floors looking great, we adhere to several processes and steps guaranteed to leave them shiny.

They are:

  • Daily scrubbing
  • Add heavy-duty degreasers and frequency of daily scrubs
  • Seal concrete, tile and grout
  • Layer in heavy-duty scrubs

Want to go into more detail for each step? Take a look at Floor Care: How to Keep Them Clean and Safe.

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