Office matting: 10 reasons it’s better to own than rent (including saving money)

Office matting is the unsung hero of clean facilities everywhere. It captures everything from sand to salt, keeping the rest of your building’s floors free of debris.

The logical thinking is to rent your mats, so an outside organization can replace them regularly. We’ve done our homework, and that logic doesn’t add up.

Owning your matting not only means you get better-quality mats, but it means you save money and keep your building cleaner.

Below are 10 reasons to own your matting rather than renting. We’ve also included a real-life example from a client (kept anonymous to protect their brilliant matting strategy), showcasing savings over three years.

Top-10 reasons to buy office matting rather than rent it

  1. Rental matting doesn’t perform as well and cost more money over time.
  2. High-quality matting removes more dirt and water. That equals better looking floors and lower maintenance costs.
  3. You pay for rental mat replacement even when mats aren’t dirty.
  4. Usually, ROI from purchased matting is achieved in less than one year.
  5. Rental costs go up annually and you’re hit with gas/environmental surcharges.
  6. Buying more effective matting can help you meet green initiatives.
  7. Contract cleaners can deep clean the mats you own for less than a rental company charges.
  8. Mats are cleaned/replaced when needed – NOT when the rental delivery dictates.
  9. High-quality matting doesn’t move and curl. That reduces risk of trips/falls.
  10. More color and design options available with purchased matting, enhance the professional look of your facility.

Real-world cost savings

Below is an example from one of our clients. Depending on how many mats your facility needs, you could see even more savings over three years. Here’s some context: In the example below, about 50 mats were needed. You can see the total dollars saved by eliminating rental costs.

Buying vs Renting Office Matting Costs

If you need mats or want a custom estimate for your facility, reach out to our product expert, Doug Lerch at

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