Back to the Office: Reassure Employees Your Facility is Clean

Perception is a powerful tool. And it’s critical you reassure employees your facility is clean, if you want to keep their confidence.

Even if your contract cleaning service and in-house janitorial teams adhere to medical-grade cleaning and disinfecting standards, people are skeptical. In essence, they need to believe it to see it (pardon the cliché).

You can take an array of steps to improve perception. Below, are three of our team’s go-to strategies to help clients show, rather than tell employees, that the building is clean and disinfected.  

Clean During the Day

Heavy cleaning will continue to be done at night, or when few employees are present. Assure staff you’re taking extra steps to keep them safe by increasing the presence of day cleaners (often referred to as day porters).

To learn more about what day porters do, check out “Facility Day Cleaning: The Essential Checklist.” Remember, it’s important they’re wearing uniforms and have a clear objective (i.e., disinfecting frequently touched surfaces) so employees take notice.

Ramp Up Restroom Cleaning

A common adage in the janitorial world is that “how the restroom goes, so goes the rest of the building.” Essentially, if your restrooms are spotless and well-stocked, it provides employees with the confidence that the rest of the building is also clean. (assuming you aren’t missing anything egregious).

This doesn’t mean you need to overhaul your approach. Instead, increase daytime restroom policing. Ensure towels and soaps remain stocked, and that any soiled urinals or toilets are quickly cleaned. Check for dropped toilet paper and spot mop to improve perception. Visit to find products and supplies.

Check out “How to Fix Nagging Restroom Odors” if smells are the issue.

Highlight Your Team/Partners

For years, janitorial crews have kept buildings functioning and clean. But only recently have they received the respect and support they deserve.

Tell stories, recognizing internal team members or crews from your contract cleaning company, rather than sending emails about your process (sometimes necessary but likely glanced over in many instances).

Don’t over complicate the praise. It is as simple as showcasing a team member in an employee newsletter or as in-depth as a short video, showcasing the day in the life of a cleaner. When people can see – and feel – what your team is doing, they’ll be more confident the workplace is clean and safe.

Reach out to your internal communications department for help, if this is outside your wheelhouse. They’re often eager to lend a hand.

About the Back to the Office series: Our experts have helped dozens of Wisconsin businesses stay open safely with cohesive cleaning and disinfecting programs. We’re sharing practical information you can implement as you start to bring workers back to the office.

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